What is Project Marinus?

    Project Marinus is the work being done by TasNetworks to consider a new electrical connection between Tasmania and mainland Australia. The interconnection is known as Marinus Link, and would connect Tasmania and Victoria as part of Australia’s future electricity grid.

    TasNetworks, the owner and operator of Tasmania’s electricity distribution network, is delivering the project on behalf of the Government.

    What are the project benefits?

    This project will support the delivery of low-cost, reliable energy to the national electricity grid, and will provide critical electricity infrastructure that will meet the needs of the growing population.

    Supported by both State and Federal Government, the project is estimated to provide over $3billion worth of investment into the economy, creating over 1,400 new jobs during peak construction.

    Marinus Link will play a major role in ensuring Australia’s long term, energy security in a clean energy future.  

    Will Marinus Link be reliable?

    Basslink has provided a lot of benefits since it began operations in 2006. Interconnector technology has advanced since then and contemporary interconnectors operate successfully all around the world.  Interconnected power systems are better able to integrate new low-cost renewable energy and provide the level of energy security we all expect. Having multiple interconnectors gives us back-up and boosts energy security.

    All transmission equipment has a chance of failing unexpectedly.